Empfehlung: 3 Vinyl records on Cosmic Winnetou!

In case you follow our astral travellings on Phantom Limbo Günter Schlienz is a household name to you. The man - the knob twisting wizard as we call him - played several Phantom Limbo shows and besides being a friendly and amazing human soul he's also running the splendid Cosmic Winnetou label that is about to release its first three vinyl records!

Don't sleep on those, it's just 100 of each! Shoot Günter a mail for your order: guenter.schlienz[at]gmx.de

If you still need to know what all the fuzz is about, just click here, here and here. Or get to know about Günter and his label!

If you're still reading this you're wasting your time on the wrong page still! Peace.

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