Spurensicherung / Empfehlung: Hellvete / Woven Skull Split-Tape on Makrame Records

This release is important to us in two ways: On the one hand our very own Johannes Schebler designed the artwork for this just released split-tape - on the other hand the tape features two of our most beloved acts: Hellvete & Woven Skull.

Woven Skull just played our Burning Bog Birthday Party and set the place on fire with their perfect blend of ritualistic and psychedelic music. Nothing less to expect from the music recorded on this tape. It's another electrified mandoline, primal drums 'n guitar affair. Killer stuff. Repetitive and circling around your head until your head begins to swim. We love Willie, Natalia & Aonghus over here at Phantom Limbo and they sure as hell deserve your attention. Don't sleep on it and get one of the 40 tapes just out now!

If you're not sold yet (your bad): The minimal music glory of Glen Steenkiste's Hellvete is just as beautiful as Woven Skull's pagan poetry. The former member of the sadly deceased Sylvester Anfang II (and an always welcome friend to play a Phantom Limbo show) plays some of the most unpretentious and deep shit out there. 

Woven Skull / Hellvete: a spiritiual journey's guaranteed on both sides of this killer tape and we'd be stupid not to praise it! Go and get it NOW!


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