Spurensicherung: 3 neue SPAM-Tapes!

Ronnie war fleissig und hat drei neue SPAM-Tapes im Köcher! Limitiert, logo! 

Also, Beeilung, nicht schlafen sondern zuschlagen.

Mail an Ronnie: ronnie.oliveras[at]gmx.de und auf weitere Instruktionen warten!

In der Zwischenzeit, hier Auszüge zum Vorglühen:

Human Heads – Parochial Actions (SPAM 30)
Beautifully presented in a solid black cardboard box that – besides the music on tape – holds five different riso-printed postcards the new Human Heads release is a unique sonic experience. Using a broad stylistic palette and referencing Post-Punk, Spoken Word Recordings, Post-Industrial Audio-Collages and even bits of NDW the music constantly changes, evolves and keeps its listeners on their toes. There’s a lot to take in and digest, but it’s delicious! Released in an edition of 60

Aemma X – I Care Because Voodoo (SPAM 28)
High voltage skronk from the Danish Noise Scene like electro-magnetic sounds emanating from a fairly damaged sub-surface military facility. Distorted, seething, unsettling and full of tension. Approach with caution, you never know what’s next. Released in an edition of 30

Doombruder – Day Of The Single Pique-Nique (SPAM 29)
Doombruder is a dauntless duo residing in Bremen where they produce a glorious racket in what may be called recording-sessions. Using drums, guitars and some additional electronically generated sounds they are neither short of ideas nor afraid to realize them. No musicians were harmed during the making of this record – hopefully. Released in an edition of 35

Konzertankündigungen für den Phantom Limbo Spätsommer kommen auch gleich noch!

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