Spurensicherung: new SicSic Tapes feat. live recordings from last year's shows with Limpe Fuchs

Limpe live in Mainz, November 2011

Folks, there are six new tapes out on SicSic (and two of them are already sold out)!

Of course, they're all great, but there's one we need to mention because it features live recordings from last year's show with Limpe Fuchs!

The Flamingo Creatures/Limpe Fuchs split tape is out in an edition of 150 and besides the great music of both artists it has a beautiful artwork, too!

Be sure to get one of these - and all the others if you dig quality crafted tapes!


Phantom Limbo Radioshow No. 24

Der Hering war wieder zum Rudern auf der Galeere verdammt,... leider also wieder alleine im Studio.

Weil die Swans ein neues Studioalbum veröffentlichen, daher ein Swans-Special:

1. Power For Power (Filth,1983)
2. New Mind (Children Of God, 1987)
3. God Damn The Sun (The Burning World, 1989)
4. In The Eyes Of Nature (Love of Live, 1992)
5. Celebrity Lifestyle (The Great Annihilator, 1995)
6. Jim (My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky, 2010)
7. Avatar (The Seer, 2012)
8. Helpless Child Soundtracks For The Blind, 1996)

„The Seer“ erscheint bald! Als 3LP und 2CD...