Spurensicherung: Elfenbeinturm "Hallo Endzeit", Tape out now on Meudiademorte

Pascal hat ein neues Tape raus, das erste seit 10 Jahren. Arbeitsnachweis wie der selige Scott Walker, aber ohne Schweinehälften verprügeln - irgendwo is' auch mal Schluss.

Der Player lässt sich hier grad nicht einbetten, keine Ahnung warum, also klickt hier und lest das: 

Another dystopian Ambient-, Noise-, New Age-Jam from the DIY-Underground, released on cassette, of course. “Hallo Endzeit”, yeah sure… Why bother? If the end is nigh, no need to get another tape, right? Not the best decision to improve your carbon foot-print, anyway and it doesn’t come with a C-19 antibody-test either. It’s just music. Quite good music, to be honest – but in the face of current events worldwide: does it matter? Black Lives do, for sure, but what about music? What about cultural activities in general? What about the cellar-dwelling oddballs ‘n weirdos hiding from daylight, home-recording music, collecting records, assembling fanzines, printing flyers for DIY-shows that – given the current state of the world – are cancelled for the foreseeable future anyway? Are the kids still “alright” or – sadly – just alt-right? What about that infamous “machine” that “kills fascists”, does it still work, and if so: are electronic devices (such as synthesizers) useful in the same manner? If not woke, we’re all worried, at least and “the times they are a-changing”, that’s for sure. Into this prevailing atmosphere of unease in the face of an uncertain future Pascal Hector drops a record that – given its title – seems to embrace the impending doom ‘n gloom scenario. It’s his first Elfenbeinturm release since “1982 – Pizza, Beer and Smokes”, more than ten years ago. Notice the difference? Seems like the careless days of juvenile delinquency and jauntiness are bygone. Reality bites – and it hurts. But, so what? “If life seems jolly rotten, there’s something you’ve forgotten” – and that’s to keep on keeping on, for fuck’s sake! Just like Pascal does: On “Hallo Endzeit” he’s sticking to his guns more than ever before. His love for early electronic music from the likes of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream or Harmonia shines through these recordings as much as his affection for the experimental noise music of the past decade (i.e. Yellow Swans, Emeralds, Skaters etc.). Being part of “the scene” for many, many years (yep, he’s twisting knobs ‘n looping tapes in Datashock since forever) he sure knows his way around a gripping ‘n cinematic piece of electronic music and even if (his or any other) music may not safe the world (quite an embarrassing demand if you think about it): not having any music around doesn’t help for sure. So, while coming to terms with all the disorder, turmoil and mayhem why not listen to “Hallo Endzeit”?

Edition of 100. Buy now!



Spurensicherung: Well Known Strangers - 14×7″ Singles Box Set

Wie angekündigt, neue Veröffentlichung von Unrock. Warum Spurensicherung? Wir haben Linernotes beigetragen und davon abgesehen, lohnt es sich ein Auge auf diese Singles-Box zu werfen, denn sie versammelt 13 Bonus-7" aus den Unrock-LP-Veröffentlichungen der letzten Jahre plus eine weitere 7" mit Aufnahmen des Clandestine Trio von der Unrock Jubiläums-Show im Blue Shell zu Köln vor ein paar Jahren (2017 war's).  

Ein kurzweiliges Vergnügen, limitiert auf 128 Exemplare. Be quick or be zu spät.