We Have The Greatest Fans & Friends!

Less than a week ago we announced The GEMA Incident to explain certain circumstances that made Phantom Limbo slow down in 2015.

Your immediate response and support to our situation was overwhelming! Your generosity made us speechless and we can still hardly believe the lived solidarity we experienced.

The past 6 days made a lasting impression on us. Positively: we won't forget your actions to help us!

And now: Let the music do the talking again! Watch this space for new announcements! It won't take too long!

In the meantime...

See you soon!


Phantom Limbo presents: The GEMA Incident

Please read and consider some helpful action. Much obliged!

Da haben wir den Salat

The past of Phantom Limbo:
Since early 2009 we set up shows for an international crowd of sub-underground musicians. We started, because around here no one else booked the bands we wanted to see on stage. Since then we’ve done diy-underground, non-profit-shows with no funding or any other financial support. Money made went to the artists, money not made was paid out of our own pockets. It’s always been a lot of work, but much more fun to help to keep the underground alive.

During the past years we made lots of friends, witnessed great performances and we’re happy for every little bit of that ongoing experience!


The present of Phantom Limbo:
... during the last six month we’ve been having an argument with the GEMA (guess you all know what we’re talking about, right?). To cut it short: after a long paper-warfare, lawyer consultations etc., we have about 1000 Euros left to pay to the GEMA. (We have had endless discussions on the whole affair and this is the best result we could end up with, please no helpful comments here, thanks!)

THANKS A BILLION to all the artists for providing info, writing e-mails and helping to solve the situation during that last six months!!! It was breathtaking to see how reliable and fast all you guys reacted to help us!!!

The future of Phantom Limbo:
We’ll keep going. But for future actions we’ll have to decline any request for a gig if you’re in the GEMA or any other (AKM, SUISA, IRMA, BMI – whatever…) collecting society. Here’s why: the GEMA collects money for every event per se no matter if you play any music that is recorded/catalogued at the GEMA: If you’re registered „your interests will be represented“ by the GEMA (or any other similar society that is connected to the GEMA, it’s an international shit business) and we have to pay just to have you play.

Money’s always been short and we prefer to deal with any artist face to face. Therefor: no more monkey-GEMA-related-business.

We’re not kickstarting but you might want to help!?
We’ll have to pay our GEMA bill soon. 



Thanks for all the support and the great nights! To quote the Stones: We love you!

Alright, like stated above: this is NOT the end. It’s just a reconfiguration. See you soon on the road, in the kitchen for a few aftershow-beers and all that jazz!

Phantom Limbo