Gig: Brannten Schnüre / 10 Jahre Phantom Limbo am 17.11.2018, Fragmente Wiesbaden

Weltpremiere: Brannten Schnüre, in echt, auf einer Bühne, bei uns!

Nehmt Euch frei, nehmt ein Bad, macht Euch schick - kommt und seid dann dabei gewesen! Könnt ihr Euren Kindern erzählen später (oder die auch gleich mitbringen)!

P.S.: Die Show markiert zugleich das 10-jährige Jubiläum von Phantom Limbo, noch ein Grund zum Feiern mehr. Kommt rum.


Book: it's there...

edition of 50 (sold out)


Gig: Chuck Johnson / Fletcher Tucker am 31.10.2018 im Wakker am Wallufer Platz

Chuck kommt zum dritten Mal vorbei, Chuck bringt aber immer ein anderes Instrument mit. Nach der akustischen 12-saitigen und der elektrischen 6-saitigen wird er dieses Mal eine Pedal Steel Guitar im Gepäck haben. Kostprobe:

Mit dabei außerdem Fletcher Tucker. Singer Songwriter der nicht öden Art (seltene Spezies). Auch hier ein Appetit-Häppchen:

Also, kommt rum. Dieses Mal wieder im Wakker am Wallufer Platz. Schön da, kein Geheimnis.

Chuck Johnson
Fletcher Tucker
Wakker am Wallufer Platz
20:30 Uhr



Book: 10 Years Of Phantom Limbo Gigs - A Visual Documentary

In celebration of our 10-year-anniversary we are releasing a small book documenting all 125 (or something) shows we've done so far.

The book will be released in time for the Phantom Limbo Anniversary / Brannten Schnüre show on november 17th and is available in an edition of 50 copies

By now most of the copies are already pre-ordered / gone - don't sleep on it if you want one!

It features all posters for all the shows so far - full colour, plus selected pictures from the shows and a few words for good measure (all in all 175 pages, DIN A4).

A copy of the book is available for 15 Euros (depending on where you order from some shipping might come on top, but we're looking for fair deals).

If you want to get a copy, get n touch via: info[at]phantomlimbo.de and we'll sort out details.


Introduction to "Nights with friends - 10 Years of Phantom Limbo Gigs. A visual documentary"

Phantom Limbo started out of boredom, frustration, beer-fueled rants and too much time on our hands. Dissatisfied with the majority of the concerts programmed in various local venues we were missing the experience of music / concerts that mattered to us. During these days we developed a routine of arguing / moaning over beers about how bored we were and where to drive next to see a show that we were keen on. We usually / regularly went to Cologne, Krefeld (the infamous Unrock- Instore-Gigs), Karlsruhe and other lovely and not so lovely places, just to end up in the company of a handful of like-minded, alienated fiends – on and off stage. The scenery was always the same: a bunch of music addicts and a couple of musicians happy to chat and kill time. A temporary community of fate bonded by a mutual interest hanging out with a few drinks before the show, during the concerts and afterwards (at the merch table). Why not try this at home? It didn’t seem so difficult and it wasn’t, still isn’t to this day.

We asked Datashock and got a suitable reply: “... a weekend date would be awesome, gas-money, places to crash, food and beer and we’re happy ...” – Deal! The concert took place January 31st 2009 and the whole evening went far beyond our expectations. From now on the mentioned community of fate bonded by a mutual interest would no longer be temporary. We were buzzing and eager to repeat what just had happened! Looking-back it’s easy to say that we arrived on the scene that night, but back then we had no idea what the future would hold! Word spread quick – and within a year we had already done seventeen shows. Mind-blowing. There are way too many special moments / memories to share, so we won’t get into details for this little introduction ... Instead we leave you with the posters (and a few pages of pictures) collected in this book to document the 125 shows we did in the 10 years since we started. Even with lesser time on our hands nowadays – adult-live taking its toll – we have no intention to stop. C’mon, stick your head out, get involved (bring a cake - see recipe!) and – as we say – join the No Audience Underground. Peace.

Phantom Limbo