Gig: House And Land / Dylan Golden Aycock am 12.10.2017 im Wakker am Wallufer Platz

Wir freuen uns sehr Sally Anne Morgan und Sarah Louise zur EINZIGEN Show in Deutschland begrüßen zu können. Wir freuen uns so sehr, es fehlen uns die Worte. THRILL JOCKEY, das Label der beiden, weiß dafür zu berichten (Auszug):

"House and Land is the duo of Sally Anne Morgan (fiddle, shruti box, banjo, vocals) and Sarah Louise Henson (vocals, 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki). Sally and Sarah started playing together after Sarah opened for The Black Twig Pickers for whom Sally plays the fiddle. The duo quickly discovered that they were both interested in the same very specific forms of traditional music. Additionally, they both viewed it through the lens of their shared love of modern, experimental and minimal music. 'We honor what two voices and bodies can do in one moment in time. It totally shapes our sound.'"

Pitchfork verteilt ein 7,8 und schreibt u.a.:

"House and Land’s self-titled debut feels expansive and immersive while using the simplest resources. Its source materials stem from centuries-old folk songs, so traditional they share lines with Old Testament verses. But Louise and Morgan attack them with urgency and excitement. The record’s best moments, like “The Day Is Past and Gone” and “Rich Old Jade,” are warmly psychedelic, proceeding patiently with minimal percussion and unfolding into new shapes at every turn." (Sam Sodomsky)

Also, Folk meets Minimal Music.

Außerdem und ebenso fabelhaft: Dylan Golden Aycock! American Primitive Guitar. 12- und/oder 6-saitig. John Fahey & Robbie Basho usw., ihr wisst Bescheid!

Goldener Herbst.

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