Spurensicherung: 2 new SPAM tapes

Zwei neue SPAM tapes, wie immer ganz hervorragend!
Günter Schlienz und Hawlimann & Stricktschek! Check!

Peter Strickmann and Philipp Hawlitschek are two hotshots when it comes to utilizing whatever‘s at hand to make some joyful noise. But don‘t be mistaken, they are not just messing arond, they are capable of bringing a pile of junk back to life. They are spirited hunters and gatherers of sounds heard and unheard. Come along for the ride!

Günter Schlienz is widely known for his well-crafted synthesizer compositions. This time he took his machines outdoors to record next to a campfire. It crackles along Günter's peaceful modular meditations. Heartwarming, indeed!

5 Euros each (additional shipping on top)
Order: spambirds@gmx.de


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