Spurensicherung: Kraak-Interview in Meakusma Magazin / Ayîk Adhîsta, Adhîsta Ayîk by Razen

Meakusma Festival was a lot of fun! Thanks to everyone involved for making it happen, again! Gonna be there next year, for sure! 

We have multiple copies of the latest edition of the Meakusma Magazine in stock, to which we contributed a long-form interview with present and past members of the Kraak-staff. Thanks to Pauwel, Glen and Johan for sharing thoughts and ideas! 

The magazine is bi-lingual, english/german and will be available at the next Phantom Limbo shows!

Soonish it will be available online, too - check here from time to time.

Speaking of Kraak,... On September 28th the label will release the new Razen record. It is called Ayîk Adhîsta, Adhîsta Ayîk and it is MINDBLOWING! We highly recommend to get a copy of this soon to be classic recording. If you got a soft spot for minimal, microtonal and slowly evolving acoustic adventures, go for it! The record's up for pre-order, find it here:

If these gentle and precious yet unpretentious compositions don't touch your soul you're a hopeless case. Like a lost soundtrack to a Tarkovskij movie this is fragile and mesmerizing music, breath-taking music to get lost in, music of stunning beauty, music of the highest order! The essence of M-U-S-I-C.

(Beginner's Guide to Razen: think of Talk Talk's "Laughing Stock" without vocals, think of a Morton Feldman composition like "For Philip Guston" - but you don't have to sit through it for nearly 5 hours, think of musical elements from Harry Partch, Moondog or Ellen Fullman combined to create something so utterly beautiful and unique it hurts. Music of the spheres but with guts!)

It's true...


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