Spurensicherung: 2 neue SPAM tapes

... frisch raus, zwei sehr gute, sehr lange Tapes! Out now on SPAM. Limitiert, logo. Auf geht's:


Fun fact: Tom Smith is neither living nor shaving in L.A., he’s dwelling in Hannover assembling peerless electronic music topped off with his vocal-style extraordinaire. While minding his own business, his chin remains smooth-shaven, indeed – he’s not your average experimental music entrepreneur trying to break into whatever non-existent music market. Shit’s fucked up and there’s not much left to do except to face the music and dance. Just do it.

Out now in an edition of 80 tapes

DJ Shlucht - Civilization

The music on this tape has been re-recorded and edited from an originally 4-hour long DJ-Set at last year’s NNOI-Festival. At first, it’s discreet music, an unobtrusive sonic environment but the minute you decide to listen closely it reveals rich detail and countless tonal and a-tonal adventures. In short, it’s a boundless sonic revue: post-industrial-musique-concrète-a-go-go, très chic!

Out now in an edition of 48 tapes

Mail to flamingocreatures[at]gmx.de for an order!


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