Spurensicherung: 2 new SPAM tapes

2 new SPAM tapes out now. Gruppe Winkhorst (edition of 35) and Featuring & Andere (edition of 30). Get them now from ronnie.oliveras[at]gmx.de or cry later. 

During the years past Gruppe Winkhorst travelled the world and instead of sending postcards he’s sharing his memories from far-away places through music. We highly recommend to listen to this campfire Musique concrète with eyes closed and headphones on. Gruppe Winkhorst provides a synaesthetic experience – hear the Green Magpie call and smell the Sate Ayam!

Released in an edition of 35 tapes on SPAM, 2018

spam 31

Featuring & Andere is the moniker of Hamburg based Roland Wendling. It’s hard to describe the hyper-active, sonic madness delivered here, but if you dig vernacular vitriol a la Dylan Nyoukis and 80s japan pop a la Picky Picnic or Wha-ha-ha : check this!

Released in an edition of 30 tapes.

Spam No. 32

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