Gig: Felix Florian Tödtloff / Lars Ennsen am 10.03.2017 im Wakker Am Wallufer Platz

Elektronische Musik aus Berlin. Dem internationalen Publikum wird das wie folgt beigebogen:

Felix-Florian Tödtloff:
In a relentless quest for solemn beauty in sound, Berlin based musician and producer Felix-Florian Tödtloff takes multiple paths. Whether performing solo under the moniker Sferics, where he creates lush ambient pads on the electric guitar or in the black metal group Sun Worship, building a wall of atmospheric noise, his music always aims to push the listener towards a meditative state.
Recently Tödtloff has started performing under his real name, experimenting with tape collages, modular synthesis, and interactive visuals to expand his musical expression, while maintaining a minimalist approach in his setup.

Lars Ennsen
The sounds of berlin based non-musician Lars Ennsen (aka Growth, 1/2 of the improv duo Nada, and 1/3 of the black metal group Sun Worship) are a forest of ambiguities. On a given occasion, he approaches a condition of movement and development which may be too slow and too subtle to consciously experience. On another given occasion, the seemingly random organic processes and relations which result in that condition are being explored. On a third given occasion it may be quite hard to tell the difference. It is an inward gaze, a state of being, and a largely improvised performance which may be classified in terms of minimal, ambient, and drone, with a leaning towards the noisier side of things. 

Wir sagen: Musik als heraus forderndes Experiment und nicht als Hintergrundmusik. Elektronische Musik zum Zuhören, nicht zum Drüberquatschen. Natürlich kann man hervorragend ein Glas Wein dazu trinken - oder Bier, keine Frage. Wir sind ja nicht in der Oper! Wochenendkurs für Neue Musik im Wakker, quasi!

Felix-Florian Tödtloff
Lars Ennsen
Wakker Am Wallufer Platz
20:30 Uhr

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