Spurensicherung / Gig: Matt Krefting in Köln!

Diese Gelegenheit kommt nicht oft, folglich durften wir sie uns nicht entgehen lassen! Matt Krefting weilt in Europa und wir haben es zum Glück mitgekriegt!

Und er war auch gleich "into doing a show" - gut, dass Ronnie und Andi in Köln heiß und in die Gänge gekommen sind, daher folgendes.

Los geht's um 20 Uhr - eher so pünktlich! Seltene Gelegenheit. Produktbeschreibungen wie folgt:

Matt Krefting (US)

"Matt Krefting has listened to so much music, I’m surprised he’s able to make any himself. What sounds could he possibly come up with that he hasn’t heard before? On recent records he’s found an interesting way around that problem, incorporating homemade tapes, found sounds, subtle processing, and other extra-instrumental techniques into his “solo cassette music.” He’s not the first to do this of course – he could probably give you a thorough list of who’s done it before – but it’s still an unconventional m.o., and it’s helped him create pretty singular music.

Which is not to say that Lymph Est sounds like nothing else. In places it sounds like a lot else, which is part of its magic. It’s music with a memory, creating a space where the past can echo into the present. Hints of audio verite meld into ambiances that feel subliminal, as if you’ve heard a song and now you’re listening to your impression of what it was like to hear that song. Krefting’s cross-dissolves serve an overarching feeling, much like Letha Melchior Rodman’s 2013 masterpiece of field-recordings woven into music, Handbook for Mortals. But where Rodman’s work also told a story, Lymph Est feels free of narrative burden. The only tale it told me is one about how great all sounds can be, even – perhaps especially – if you’ve heard them before." – Marc Masters (200 words on Matt Krefting's "Lymph Est" Pitchfork)

Daniel Voigt (D)

"Daniel Voigt is a sound artist from Frankfurt. Augmented by effectpedals & mixer treatments Daniel Voigt blends a Musique Concrète approach (cutting up tapes and looping sounds with the help of several walkmen) with the cosmic aesthetics of Krautrock to make his sounds like a love child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Schulze. He toured in the UK, Japan and Europe and released on various international tape labels, such as Digitalis, Hobo Cult, Skell LLC & Cosmic Winnetou. Voigt is also the man behind the SicSic Tape label, a home port for a lot of outer limits travelers that are sharing the vision for deep zoned-out sounds & DIY culture. His current live setup is kind of a dronescape-travelogue combining recordings from the fields with accidental cut-up tape sounds. Notes from the area of imperfect memory." (Info: mirkopopweek)

Köln. Wieder mal.

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