Gig: Lee Noble (US/Bathetic Records / tba. am 10.11.2014 in der Walpodenakademie Mainz

„Gorgeous, unassuming experimental pop music“ (Boomkat)

Ruiner is a well crafted, multi-faceted album with great, murky depths and soaring peaks: a landscape Noble has created all on his own.“ (Decoder)

Noble isn’t just walking in fields of ambient air and drone dirges, he’s bending and manipulating sounds and textures to craft his art. It straddles between a world of ethereal experimental music and fleshed out indie-rock. Weighing heavier on the former, it finds itself a Grouper-meets-Radiohead in a basement type affair. He has created a sound that feels familiar, comfortable, and lived-in – but it’s entirely his own sound. You immediately know when you’re listening to Lee Noble.“ (Label Info)

Soviel zu den wohlverdienten Vorschuss-Lorbeeren und wir freuen uns sehr, Lee Noble begrüßen zu können! Support wird noch ausgetüftelt. Immer mal wieder hier gucken, irgendwann steht dann da was! Aber so oder so gilt:

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