Gig: Cam Deas / Human Heads, 11.09.2014 in der Walpodenakademie Mainz

Cameron Deas is an experimental musician based in London. Currently working with electronics, he uses an integrated array of synthesis techniques that are triggered by, and in turn manipulate, external acoustic sound sources, in and out of conjunction with pure electronic sounds. Working in an entirely live environment, Deas creates a kind of real-time musique concrete, resulting in an abstract yet organic contemporary electronic music.

Also known for his work as a guitarist, Deas’s debut LP for this project, String Studies, is a suite that focuses on using the 12 string acoustic guitar as the sole sound source of this live musique concrete: a wooden frame to an electronic music. String Studies will be released this summer on Alter.
“...the notes of his 12 string acoustic are raw material for violent sculpture, torn apart and flung about separately by the manipulations of his modular synth, bouncing around the space in a hyper-kinetic match of sound squash.” The Wire, April 2014

"With its crude drones and warped topographical sketches, Human Heads' debut cassette goes some way to aligning these approaches by colliding folk tropes with concrete poetry. The Beauticinist is the first release by former Helhesten compadres Ben Knight and Hannah Ellul, and sees them veer away from the kind of ecstatic drone based improvisation typical of post-Vibracathedral Orchestra bedroom experimentalists and forage into murkier territory, casting manipulated field recordings as a drizzly backdrop over which are placed the colloquial tics of everyday exchanges. [...] The combination of cheap analogue keyboards played at invasive pitches, primitive percussion presets and cut-up vocals blurting private anxieties allies Human Heads to Industrial revolutionaries like Whitehouse and Throbbing Gristle. There is something of the transgressive humour and ineffable melancholy of those groups on "Swil Impotency" when, out of a horizon line of searing drones and wind-damaged dictaphones, an anonymous lady asks in a sullen Yorkshire drawl: "Are you all right? Do you know where you're going?".' - Alex Neilson, Wire Magazine, 2013

File under: Contemporary Experimental UK-Underground.

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