Gig: Diamond Catalog (US), PAK (US), City Hands (NL), Cotopaxi (NL), 24.05.2012, Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

Endlich mal wieder in der Villa! Fast auf den Tag ein Jahr nach der Avarus-Show... dieses Mal ein Vierer-Pack, der sich gewaschen hat!

Diamond Catalog (US) +++ PAK (US) 
City Hands (NL) +++ Cotopaxi (NL)

Und weil sich die zu begrüßenden Gäste so viel Mühe gegeben haben zu beschreiben, was sie so tun und hier ja sowieso jeder des Englischen mächtig ist - deshalb hier the artists in their own words (oder so):

Diamond Catalog is the duo of Lala Conchita and “Glamorous” Pat Maherr out of Portland, Oregon. Their music is a concoction of cross-bred dance music and mutated, swirling noise bricolage. Factory-booming beats creating a mechanical-yet-organic framework for devious sonic chatter to wind its way through. Imagine the sound of a distant rave in the midst of a disorienting drug spell, wading your way through the infinity of your mind’s own dark matter.

Rhode Island print & noise artist Lauren Pakradooni performs solo as PAK, where she manipulates scratchy four track tapes & contact-mic'ed machines into a loopy bliss - sometimes like salt on a margarita glass, sometimes like grit in a canvas shoe. She likes hair, crooked things, zombies and oil slick. There's some pretty incredible posters she's made out there, plus her sonic output is grippable from the indomitable Breaking World Records.

Born a punk and raised a rainbow watcher, Manuel Padding aka City Hands has been active as a music citizen and a renowned butterfly observer for a few decades now. As a free-minded follower of Gustav Metzger and a reader of early science-fiction free press, M.P. believes in the creative powers of destruction and in the secret forces lying in forgotten languages. His fluid compositions aim to create rich underground communities that would stand against corruption worldwide. (Professeur X.G.B. Bongo)

The duo of Hanne Friese and Johnny Knauf out of Amsterdam has toured both Europe and the US extensively. Originally formed as a freely improvised Halloween band, they recently have found to more structured forms, utilizing synthesizers, beat machines, tapes and washed out vocals.

Willkommen zurück, Hannah und Johann, wir freuen uns schon auf euch und die, die ihr mitbringt!

Es gilt: Das wird ein bunter und mit Sicherheit in jeder Hinsicht abenteuerlicher Abend werden, also: nicht verpassen!

 Diamond Catalog (US) +++ PAK (US)
City Hands (NL) +++ Cotopaxi (NL) 
Oetinger Villa Darmstadt

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