From SicSic with Love

SicSic-Tapes started to spread some magnetic love lately. Some of it is out-of-print already, some of the love is still available for cash here and here.

Nonetheless - it's the digital age and a lot of the out-of-print stuff is available on the net.

We collected the links for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

Hobocubes - Areas In New Minds
Panabrite - Illumination
Quiet Evenings - Circle Of Vaporous Totem
Easy Feelings - Easy Feelings
Hering & seine sieben Sachen - Magnetismustourismus
Hering & seine sieben Sachen/Baldruin - Split
Horzes - Freundschaft
Baldruin/Least Carpet - Split
Baldruin/Neugetre - Split

Also oop & on the net: the first Least Carpet E.P. on Dyingforbadmusic and the Autistic Argonauts tape on Hobo Cult: „Magic Maggi Moments“. And how about some greasy old Datashock stuff? Well,...

Owl Xounds Exploding Galaxy/Datashock - Split
Datashock - Acidulle
Datashock - Untitled/Symbol
... head over to Pascal for some more madness.

That's a lot of music for your new year's eve party, right?

Expect some more Phantom Limbo/SicSic action in 2012 and keep an eye on our friends work at: cae-sur-a-tapes, full of nothing, Kraak, kindcity and all the beloved other partners in crime! (Word on the street is: Meudiademorte's about to comeback in 2012 - believe it or not!?)

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