Status quo

ok, here is the deal:

instead of whining and bitching about the nearly non-existing opportunities and marginalised structures in our area, We finally decided to do something on our own regarding of setting some small shows up & getting in touch with like minded people.

It's more or less a result of meeting lots of nice and enthusiastic people over the last year. Especially at the living room shows in the hinah hqs here in ffm and at the lovely evenings in krefeld @ unrock, where michael is doing a really good job (setting shows up, selling obscure music, bringing people together and so on)

It all started with some beers @ Volkswirtschaft...haha. Later we were joined by Johannes, who created the rad flyer for the datashock gig. From then on, he was on board too...more or less voluntarily.

and that's it already
- outcome still unclear. but we hope can do some interesting things in the future on a more regulary basis (and may reach some new ears). we will see...

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